For all those saying she deserved it because she was a desrespectful brat, I’m not sure what country you live in but I watch videos of white kids talking back to police officers and being 10 times more disrespectful than she is and nothing like this ever happens to them. I guess their white parents are important people. I grew up going to a predominantly white school and I’m sorry to break it to you but the white kids I grew up with were 10 times more than disrespectful than anthing I saw in this video. I guess everyone thinks these black kids should be 15 years old going on 40 just because they are in a predominantly white neighborhood. I don’t get how the officer some how completely overlooked the white kid recording. The white kid goes unnoticed and even hands the officer his flashlight as the black kids get lectured about how they should have left when they had the chance. But since they didn’t leave before the officer had a chance to run after them, they are being detained. I want to hear one black person who thinks the officer was in the right and all those black kids we’re in the wrong. Maybe some of these commenter should stop voicing their opinions and start to take notes and understand why ppl are upset. And all of this is coming from a black person who had nothing but white friends growing up and who was a straight A student and went on to college to get a degree in electrical engineering. But I’m sure i’d be treated the same as any other black person would by the police. I’m automatically viewed as a thug because I have facial hair even though I’m going for the Adam Levine look.